5/28 Soft plastics and recycling

I think if there was a place to recycle soft plastics, I would. Although, It would most likely require me to drive somewhere further away than lets say, 10 minutes, it would be worth it as so much of my family’s trash is made up of soft plastics. These plastics can slowly make an impact on our own carbon footprint and maybe people would start to do the same as more people start to do it. It would be more practical to wait a little and let these specific plastics pile up and take them every few weeks so you wouldn’t have to constantly take them to whatever center there is.

Why Boys Participate More in Zooms than Girls

I think the reason boys participate more in zooms may just be because of the type of people in our class, and some of the girls may be more shy than some of the boys who may be more outgoing. It might also take a while for someone to think of a question and by the time they do, it’s too late. This may be specific to our class/grade, because in other classes there have been more girls than boys asking questions. It may also have to do with how comfortable someone is asking a question in front of everyone and if they would rather talk to the teacher privately.