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Rube Goldberg Blog Post #3

When I started building, I found out that some parts are going to need to be changed. For example, when I was tying my string to my baseball which was tied to my hot wheels set, I realized I needed something to to make my hot wheels set heavier so when my ball fell of the chair, my hot wheels set wouldn’t flip over and fall on the floor. Also, I needed to find a way so that my cardboard half pipe could stay in the air. I think filming my rube goldberg is going to be really hard because at one point in my rube goldberg, my marble makes a sharp left turn off my stairs. I think this will be really hard to film. Right now, I have no concerns of what’s not going to work but I bet I will find some later in the process.

Rube Goldberg Blog Post #2

For my sketch, I worked backwards from when the ball is pushed into the bin. I remembered I had a hot wheels ramp play set I got a long time ago. I decide to use that to push the ball into the bin. Next, I got a little complicated. I tried to find a way to pull a trigger on my hotwheels set to make the car go. So I decided to use a ball to make the trigger move. That wasn’t so easy to do because I would have to calculate how much force I have to use to make the trigger move. After I calculated everything, I decided to place that ball on a chair and have another ball hit that ball. That ball would come from a cardboard ramp made of 2 long cardboard roles and the ball would roll in the middle. Then I decide to make a wooden half pipe to make the ball roll on there which would make the ball on the cardboard roles move. Before that, I decided to have a marble game named,”Gravity Maze” which would trigger the ball on the half pipe to move along. Before that I had dominoes and at the start, I had a homade marble maze.

Rube Goldberg Blog Post #1

When I started my project, my first thought was ,”what do I want my rube goldberg to do?” That might sound like a simple question but I was sort of struggling with this question. My first thought was to have the rube goldberg press some kind of button to cause whatever the button is connected to will turn on. But then when I started experimenting, I found out I had no button that could be successfully triggered. So I started brainstorming for more ideas of what to make my rube goldberg do. My second thought for my rube goldberg was chores. I thought of a bunch of chores and one that stood out to me the most was putting a ball in a basket. This sounded very simple for me to do because all I had to do was make something hit a ball and then that ball falls into a basket. So that is what I decided on.