January 9

Planning For Rube Goldberg Project

For the Rube Goldberg project you always have to have a plan. My group and I have so many Ideas! For this project you have to plan many things: who’s house are you doing the project at?, do you have the same schedule as the other people in your group?, what materials might we want to use?, what is the coarse going to be like?, who is going to film the videos?, who is going to talk in the videos? and who is going to start the coarse?.

What’s really helpful is writing it down and planning on paper so you have it when you need it. You can also change things and add things like my group did.

So far My group and I planned out our schedules, what the coarse is going to be like, who’s house we are doing it at and who’s starting off the coarse. My group and I are switching for everything. One time I talk and then I start it off etc.

I think our planning is very organized and we will do great during this project!

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