Rube Goldberg #1

Me and Alex took our first step into our Rube Goldberg project! On our first day we worked really hard and got six steps planed and put into action. We would have been working with two other members but we could not find a time where we all could meet on the same day so we split up. We worked really hard on our first day, but didn’t find time to do our sketch so we did it the day after. Look for my second Rube Goldberg post to learn about our second day in the process!

Rube Goldberg #2

Our second day we made much less progress because we were out of ideas! We finally thought of a seventh step. We were going to use these tiny balls that made a loud noise if something fell on them, and the tiny balls would also repel whatever was around it. We did our sketch and we defiantly were not the best artists in the world but in was understandable. We played Uno after our sketch  was done. We couldn’t find anything interesting for our eighth step. In my third Rube Goldberg post, I will tell you what we actually did in detail.

Rube Goldberg #3

In this post, you will be able to read what happened in our first meeting in detail. So we kicked off our Rube Goldberg project by thinking of what to do. We thought of basic Rube Goldberg materials such as marbles and dominoes. We didn’t have a ramp so we hot glued three wooden rectangular prisms and made those a ramp. The dominoes  were the most annoying part because we would always knock them over midway. the dominoes would then hit a toy car which would hit a Jenga tower. The catapult was Alex’s sisters so we hid it from her view. We felt that our first day was a success and we felt proud.

Reflection on our Rocketry Presentation

We were working in school on a rocketry unit in science. There was four groups of four and one group of five, I was in a group of four. We built paper rockets and launched them using a pressurized air launcher, we did this three times. When we were not launching rockets we were working on a slideshow, we were the last to present to the parents. I was really nervous because what if I messed up, what if I fell over or forgot my lines? But once I started I couldn’t stop! I didn’t even make one mistake! I was really proud of myself and my teammates. For there side of the story got to.

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My Teacher is Leaving School Early.

My teacher had to leave school early because she is having surgery. She taught me about colonial america, math, sience, social studies and ELA. I learned about why the 13 colonies declared independence from England. I did an assignment on a person which was like a biography. I learned about land and water and how that could effect the land by eroding it.