In school we had to an Ignite presentation. A usual Ignite is 5 minutes, but our Ignite was only 90 seconds. We had a week to memorize our index cards or speaker notes. In our process we first watched a professional Ignite talker. after we had to find an idea witch was essentially a story. I chose how to make pizza. I had to explain how to make pizza in 7 aka 5 slides. Why I say 5 slides not 7 is because, the first and last slides you introduce and conclude. I explained the steps in an orderly manner and I finished my Ignite presentation.

Coding #4

My new game was a pong game that was very simple. You use a paddle and you have to hit the ball and make sure the ball does not go into the red zone! Coding the game took less than two minutes. There is a tutorial on this in scratch if you want to make this game. I am trying to make a multi ball mode but somehow it is not working. Please view and favorite this game on scratch and follow me for support! Thank You!


Me, Will, Giana, and Eli did a debate on whether we should protect sharks from humans or humans from sharks. Me and Giana wanted to protect sharks from humans and Eli and Will wanted to protect humans from sharks. We had to practice a lot. We had two practice debates in front of the class and many debates just by ourselves. We had to research a lot about our topics. We read countless articles and we had to find rebuttals for our opponents reasons and evidence. In our final debate we found pictures and videos to make our debate stronger. Eli and Will had one video of a suffer being attacked by a shark but it wasn’t clear where the shark was unless they pointed out where the shark was. Our video was on the New York Post and it was a fisherman catching a shark and shooting it twice. I really didn’t like that guy because he was smiling at the end! Me and Giana also added two pictures. Here is our video of our debate.

Coding #3

I made my third game in Tynker. My game was called Thunder Dome PVP. This game was a Minecraft mod were you can go into Tynker’s special server and type /tythunderdome and it will transport all the players in the server into a metal dome where you battle to the death. I could not import this project to my blog because you can’t play on it. It is just a modification for a game. It took a lot of time to actually make the modification work. The tutorial was very confusing so at first the game didn’t work but then I made many small changes and it worked!!

Coding #2

I made my second game which was more like a project than a game. In this game you have to try all the keys on the key board and click around to see what the characters do differently. The game was really random because I was out of ideas and it seemed like something that could be fun so I tried it and it worked! I only added a few features to the game because I didn’t have much time to work on it and I really didn’t know what to do so there are only three things you can do. Here is my game down below.

Coding #1

Our teacher gave our class an assignment to make four coding games/projects. I thought this idea was really cool because it was going to be really fun. Today I edited my old game called The Cool Guy. I did this project a long time ago. I added two new levels to my game! Also since I last saw it it was twenty five views! I was really exited. I hope my next projects will be as successful as this one! Here is my game down below.

Rube Goldberg #6

We finally started on the i movie. We but all the videos in but then we realized that they were in the wrong order. Then we had to sort out each video and then put them in the right order. It took forever or only ten minuets. We made revisions and edited the video and that actually took an hour to do. We reviewed it over and over again to see if there were any bugs or mistakes. We found none except for Ale saying “We hop this is a succeed”! We decided to leave that in there. We finally finished our Rube Goldberg machine.

Rube Goldberg #5

We took a huge break from our Rube Goldberg machine because Ale was sick for such a long time! one day he was sick and the next day he wasn’t, it was crazy. He finally got better and we were able to continue with our Rube Goldberg machine. Since we had our break, we felt that we were behind on our Rube Goldberg machine. We went to work really fast and got started and we didn’t know what was wrong with our Rube Goldberg but we finally made a big change with our Rube Goldberg machine. Instead of our big heavy plane, we changed it to a roll of tape. That made so much of a difference. On our fifth try with the roll of tape we finally got a success! We were so happy, but when we saw the video, it wasn’t that clear. We knew that we had to stick with the video because time was running out. We were going to do the i movie.

Rube Goldberg #4

In our fourth meeting me and Alex both worked hard. We took so many videos but we didn’t have a success. We made so many small changes to our Rube Goldberg machine. One of our main problems was our wooden car that we built. The car would always go of the side of our ramp. The car broke 3 times! We used the hot glue gun constantly. We almost forgot to switch the glue gun off. After so many tries we finally finished our meeting with no success. We were disappointed on how we did but, we were determine to get a success on our Rube Goldberg machine.