June 1

E-Learning Tuesday June 2nd

Good morning!

I hope you enjoyed the Wellness Day yesterday and enjoyed getting caught up with all of your other teachers. 

Today’s zoom sessions are:

9:30 am zoom packing session – come hang out with me while I pack up the classroom – I sent the link to you via email

1:00pm zoom with MrCasal – this is not optional. He will be reviewing Adobe Video for a project related to your fantasy stories.

2:30 Library broadcast zoom with MsSorensen 


Planner’s ready? Let’s get started…

MATH: Line Plots

  • Watch this tutorial to learn more about how to take data and present it in another graph called a line plot. 
  • Make sure you watch the entire tutorial from beginning to end, as you will be instructed on how to create a line plot and what is expected of you for your independent task.
  • Complete workbook page 146

Line Plot Tutorial with Mrs. Luciano 

Copy and Paste Option: Workbook page 146

Print Option: Workbook page 146

 Have fun exploring some different sites to reinforce your understanding of line plots:

Khan Academy – Line Plots

Line Plot Balloon Pop

Practice IXL: U: Data and Graphs: #9-11


WRITING: Writing an Introduction 

Third graders this is important work! The introduction grabs the reader’s attention and gets them interested in your story. Watch the introductory video CAREFULLY then review the slides to take a closer look at the many ways you can choose from to try your hand at writing your introduction.

  • Watch the introductory video
  • Review the slides and choose at least 3 ways to write an introduction – try it out. 
  • Post your final choice to See Saw and tell us about your process. 

Imaginative Narrative #7 Video

Imaginative Narrative #7 Slides



Today you will be continuing your tour of New York City. Next stop, Staten Island! 


Space X Launch:

Launch Video 

Bonus: See Think Wonder to Print

Go to SeeSaw to complete the activity there if you choose not to print it out 



And to help you stay organized:


  • ELA – Book Club
    • Read assigned agreed-upon amount of your fantasy book
    • Complete a bingo board activity 
    • Present it on Seesaw 
  • Writing – Imaginative Narrative #7
    • Watch the tutorial
    • Write your fantasy introduction
    • Upload it to seesaw (under the activities tab)
  • Math
    • Watch tutorial
    • Complete workbook page 146
    • Access the links (Line Plot Balloon Pop, Khan Academy, and IXL) to reinforce your learning
  • Social Studies
    • Watch the tutorial and additional two videos
    • Complete the seesaw activity assigned to you
  • Words Their Way
    • Begin working on the assignments for your spelling sort
  • Just for fun 
    • Go back and revisit Virtual Classroom (Social Studies Folder) – continue to explore various links you didn’t get to on Friday
    • Watch the SpaceX shuttle launch from this past weekend
    • Complete the See, Think, Wonder Seesaw Activity


Have a great morning!

MsBoyer xo


May 29

E-Learning Friday May 29th

Good morning! 

Happy Friday! Today’s  Zooms:

  • 9:30  Book Clubs
  • 10:30 Instrumental Music
  • 2:30 Library

Notes About Next Week

  1. Monday is a wellness day. All activities will be provided by the district. Your parents will be getting an e-mail about the menu of activities available to you. Have fun and be well!
  2. Tuesday we will not have a Zoom class due to the fact that I am spending the day cleaning out our classroom and packing up your materials for you to take home  But you will still have Mr. Casal at 1:00pm
  3. All specials’ pages can be found here: Heathcote Gateway E-Learning Plans


Virtual Classroom Day!

Today is going to be a fun day. The third-grade team has created a virtual classroom where all the links for your lesson work is in our virtual classroom. Be sure to watch the introductory video to learn how to access and navigate this new classroom. PLEASE  NOTE:  THIS  WAS  SHARED  WITH  YOU IN  EMAIL  AS  THERE  WAS  A TECH  ISSUE.  HAVE  FUN!!

  1. Check your S.S. folder in Drive for slides called, “Grade 3 Classroom.”
  2. You will notice there are 5 rooms. One introductory room and one classroom for each teacher. There are links inside each of the rooms to various activities. Click everywhere! You’ll be surprised how many links are hidden 
  3. There are two REQUIRED activities today:
    • 1st REQUIRED: The S.S. lesson in the first room. Click on Mrs. DeGrazia to hear her message. Watch the 3 videos on the board and then complete the Seesaw assignment called, “Postcard to a Tourist or to Your Teacher…”

    •  2nd REQUIRED: The math lesson in Ms. Luciano’s Room about Pictographs. Watch the lesson (in her smartboard) and then complete the math workbook pages (on her bookshelf)

The rest of the activities are yours to choose. Maybe go on a scavenger hunt? Can you find these items? There are many more than what is listed. Have fun!

  • A survey
  • A singing snowman
  • A Mardi Gras celebration
  • Elephants
  • Harry Potter
  • Pictograph games

On this day in 1953 : Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay of Nepal become the first explorers to reach the top of Mount Everest. Due to the amount of time it took to descend the mountain it was June 2nd before the rest of the world were told about the conquest. Michele Koppes is an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia who uses glaciology and geomorphology to study climate and changing landscapes (that’s all sophisticated science talk for studies of the physical features of the earth). Watch this video and hear how Michele explains HOW Mt. Everest was formed – fascinating science! 

See you all at 9:30!

MsBoyer xo


May 27

E-Learning Thursday May 28th

Good morning!

There is such great energy in our class this week! I really enjoyed our conversations around main character yesterday and absolutely LOVE how so many of you built using looseparts. The creativity is impressive! Today’s writing focus is on setting and I just know you are going to really enjoy the lesson. 

You have a 9am zoom session with Mr. Borgia and we have two small group sessions today, one at 10am and the other at 11am. Please be sure to attend one of them. The final zoom is library broadcast with Ms. Sorensen at 2:30. 

Planner’s ready? Let’s get started…

MATH: Creating A Bar Graph

Today you will be learning the components of a bar graph. Watch the lesson to learn all about how to create a complete bar graph. Then complete the workbook pages and read a graphing book on Epic. 


WRITING: Imaginative Narrative #6

Writers, today’s work is all about the setting of your fantasy story. From focusing on this lesson you will learn the many ways in which the setting is important. Use that understanding to build your setting and grow your thinking. 



Learn more about the Bronx and its cultural universals. The Bronx is very diverse with cultures and the neighborhoods are all so different.  Learn more about the landmarks that you can find in the Bronx. 

The Bronx: Part II with Mrs. DeGrazia

The Bronx: Part II Slides

  • Watch the video to learn more about the cultural universals of the Bronx
  • Watch Edgar Allan Poe and NY Botanical Garden videos (slide 34)
  • Complete the Seesaw activity or print out and put on May E-learning slideshow



On this day in 1935, Babe Ruth hit the 714th and final home run of his career at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh while playing for the Boston Braves against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Shortly afterward he announced his retirement. How did Babe Ruth get his nickname? Exactly how many records did he break? Which teams did he play for? Well, you can find all that out and more by reading this brief biography on George Herman Ruth Jr (that was his real name). 



If you weren’t able to tune into the SpaceX Launch yesterday, you’ll have another chance to watch it Saturday as it was sadly canceled due to bad weather. The rocket is launching from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 3:22 on Saturday. 

And to help you stay organized…


    • Complete a new bingo board activity and post it to seesaw
  • Writing – Imaginative Narrative #6
    • Watch the video
    • Go to the slides link, watch the videos and post to the padlet
    • Build a setting using loose parts
    • Post to Seesaw
  • Math
    • Watch the tutorial
    • Complete workbook page 140-141
    • Go through the Epic Bar Graph Collection
    • Practice the bar graph games and check out the websites on how to create a bar graph
  • Social Studies – Bronx Cultural Universals
    • Watch the tutorial
    • Go to slide 34 and watch the two videos
    • Complete the Seesaw activity
  • Words Their Way
    • Continue to practice the activities.

See you all later!

MsBoyer xo

May 27

E-Learning Wednesday May 27th

Good morning! 

Our zoom sessions yesterday were so inspiring! The thinking and writing truly reminded me of the young author of the book Eragon by Christopher Paolini.  He once said, “books are my friends, my companions” – he had a true love of fantasy that is obvious in the series he wrote. He loved reading fantasy stories as much as writing them! 

Today’s writing lesson is meant to help you all dig even deeper into your main characters. I know you are going to love it! I’ll see you all at 10:30 (remember we are going to start with Cindy’s Birthday celebration). Then you all have Library Broadcast with MsSorensen at 2:30. 

Planner’s ready? Let’s get started…

MATH: Reading A Bar Graph

Watch today’s lesson today to learn about the parts of a bar graph and how to read the graph to interpret data. Then complete the workbook pages and check out the brainpop video on Bar Graphs on BrainpopJr. 


WRITING: Imaginative Narrative #5

A famous author once said that as a writer, you should know your main character so well that at any given time, you’d know how much change he/she has in their pocket. We may not know the answer to that question, but today we are going to dig deeper into our main characters and get to know them better. Much better! 

  • Watch the introductory video
  • Build your main character using loose parts
  • Record your new thinking about your character in your notebook
  • Photograph your build and share it on SeeSaw 

Developing Characters Video

Developing Characters Slides


SOCIAL STUDIES: The Bronx- The Northernmost Borough in New York City

Watch today’s video on the Bronx to learn about the location, some attractions, and a famous street called Arthur Avenue.  Today is day 1 to learn about this diverse borough. We will continue tomorrow to learn more about the Bronx’s cultural arts. The Bronx is home to many cultural institutions all of which are worth a visit.  

The Bronx: Part I Video with Mrs.DeGrazia

The Bronx: Part I Slides

  • Watch the introduction video 
  • Watch the video on slide 7, “11 Facts about the Bronx”
  • Complete the Seesaw activity assigned to you



SPACE LAUNCH LIVE @4:33pm SpaceX Crew Dragon lifts off live today with two astronauts aboard, heading to the International Space Station. All the information you need to watch this historic launch can be found here: CBS NEWS 

Smart Fact

On this day in 1933 Walt Disney’s short film “3 Little Pigs” was released (Academy Award Best Animated film 1934). Today, Pixar is famous for their imaginative shorts that use advanced technology to create their animations. Watch this clip, Three Little Pigs, to see how the art of animation has changed (yet the art of storytelling remains at the core). 

And to help keep you organized…


  • ELA – Fantasy Book Clubs
    • Padlet post – make sure you are posting across all the columns and responding to your partners’ ideas, questions and jots.
  • Writing – Imaginative Narrative #5
    • Watch the introductory video
    • Build your main character using loose parts
    • Take a picture and upload to your Seesaw assignment
  • Math: Reading a Bar Graph
    • Watch the math lesson tutorial
    • Complete workbook pages 142-143
    • Watch the Brainpop Video and complete the quiz attached
  • Social Studies
    • Watch the NYC – Bronx Tutorial
    • On slide 7, watch the video titled “11 Facts about the Bronx”
    • Complete the Seesaw Activity assigned to you
  • Words Their Way
    • Continue to practice the activities

I’ll see you all at 10:30!

MsBoyer xo


May 26

E-Learning Tuesday May 26th

Good morning!

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend with your families and spent a lot of time outdoors. The weather is certainly seeming more like spring every day! Today’s smart fact is about music, which got me to thinking: What kind of music do you like? Who do you like to listen to? Hop on over to our Discussion Starter padlet and share your thinking. 

Please check your email for the new zoom this morning and accept it so it will be added to your calendar.

We will be meeting at 10am as a whole class and then again at 1pm. You do NOT have Art with Ms. Cameron or Tech with Mr.Casal today – instead we have two zoom class sessions. 

10am and 1pm. Please bring your writing to both sessions. 


Planners ready? Let’s get started…


MATH: Data Analysis Day One

  • Watch the introductory video – it helps explain what is expected of you, so make sure you watch the entire video
  • Complete the Seesaw Activity that has been assigned to you

Day One Data Analysis Tutorial with Mrs. Luciano


WRITING: Imaginative Narrative #4 

Third-grade writers this is where it gets really interesting! Watch the introduction video and choose your seed idea carefully as you will be spending a lot of time growing this idea into a full fantasy story. 

Choosing a Seed Video 

Choosing a Seed Slides (these are also in your writing folder)

  • Watch the introductory video
  • Create a detailed story mountain for your fantasy story
  • Share your story mountain on SeeSaw


SOCIAL STUDIES: How are the 5 boroughs connected?

What’s a “borough” anyway? It’s like a smaller city within our massive metropolis. NYC has five of them—the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island—each with dozens of neighborhoods lending their own local flavor. Today, please watch the introduction video to learn about the five boroughs that make up NYC.  How do we connect the boroughs? 

NYC and The Five Boroughs with Mrs. DeGrazia

NYC and The Five Boroughs Slides (these are also in your social studies folder) 

  • Watch the introduction video
  • Click the link on slide 11 to listen to “My Subway Ride”
  • Complete the Seesaw activity on identifying bridges and 1 tunnel



Log on through the Heathcote Gateway to find your assignment. This is due Friday. 



On this day in 1967 EMI Records released “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” a few days early in the United Kingdom; it would go to number one for 15 weeks in the US and 22 weeks in the UK. Do you know the famous band that sang this song? I’ll give you a hint, they caused something known as The British Invasion in the U.S. If this is the first time you are hearing about The Beatles, then watch this clip to hear a little more: The Beatles Iconic Performance on The Ed Sullivan Show. 

And to help keep you organized…


    • ELA – Fantasy Book Clubs
      • Bingo Board Activity


  • Writing


    • Choose a seed idea to be your fantasy story
    • Create a story mountain either by using digital notebook, post its or your own notebook
    • Post it to Seesaw
  • Math
    • Watch Data Analysis Day One Tutorial
    • Complete the Numberless Bar Graphs Seesaw Activity
  • Social Studies
    • Watch the introduction video
    • Listen to “My Subway Ride” on slide 11
    • Complete Seesaw Activity on Identifying Bridges and 1 Tunnel

I’ll see you all at 10am!

Ms.Boyer xo


May 22

E-Learning Friday May 22nd

Good morning!

Happy Friday third graders! I am looking forward to seeing you all at 9:30 for our bookclub zoom! Don’t be late. Your plan for today should include:

9:30 BookClub Pajama Zoom

10:30 Dr.Schultz & Mr.Weber

2:30 Library Broadcast

Planners ready? Let’s get started…



Assigned to you on Brainpop is a video and quiz on Memorial Day. Enjoy learning about the different ways we can honor the men and women who sacrificed their lives for us. 

  1. Log in to Brainpop through the Heathcote Gateway
    1. Be sure to use the “G-Suite For Education button”
  2. Look for the Memorial Day Assignment 
  3. Watch the full video. You may need to watch it more than once. 
  4. Complete the Quiz and Challenge (both for review only)

Click through the slides to learn more about Memorial Day: click here


MATH: TIME~ Sundial and Fun Facts about Big Ben

  • IXL MATH: log on through the Heathcote Gateway and complete the recommendations 
  • Watch the video to learn about sundials:   Make Your Own Sundial
  • Here’s one way to make a Sundial or look at the pictures below to make your own:
  • Have you ever visited London? Do you know about the famous clock, Big Ben? 

Watch the video “Keeping the TIme” to learn about Victorian and modern technology which contributes to Big Ben’s accurate timekeeping. Minor weather temperatures can impact the clockwork’s metal and pendulum. Observe the bells as they toll at 118 decibels, which is almost as loud as a jet plane: Keeping the time with Big Ben

  1. Go to www.scarsdaleschools.org/discoveryeducation
  2. Sign in with your username and password as usual.  
    1. This will lead you to a page with your name on it with assignments.
    2. You will see the Memorial Day videos from yesterday assigned to you and a new video today, “Keeping Time.” 
    3. If you are having difficulty logging in today, you can just click this link:  Keeping the time with Big Ben . However, if everyone can try logging in to Discovery Education first, it will be a nice way for us to share future assignments/videos as we approach June.


Watch this video to learn how to create your very own awesome 

Memorial Day Obstacle Course – go outside and have some fun! 



On this day in 2003 In Fort Worth, Texas, Annika Sörenstam became the first woman to play the PGA Tour in 58 years. WOW! 58 years of male-dominated golf – that’s a lot of time to wait to recognize great female athletes. These two posts represent a small number of amazing women athletes who are inspiring young women everywhere. In 2018, Good Morning America and ESPN compiled this list of 25 Most Famous Women Athletes (at that time) and UplifterInc.com created The Definitive Guide to Female Athlete Role Models in 2020. We hope you know more than what appears here and share their stories with us! 

And to help you stay organized…


  • ELA
    • Prepare for Book Clubs
  • Math
    • IXL Math 
    • Watch “Keeping Time”Video on Discovery Education
  • Social Studies
    • Watch Brainpop video on Memorial Day 
    • Complete Review quiz
  • STEM
    • Make a sundial
  • FUN
    • Complete Memorial Day Obstacle

See you all at 9:30!

MsBoyer xo

May 21

E-Learning Thursday May 21

Good morning!

The artifact work you all have been doing is awesome! I loved learning more about each of you from the special items you chose to tell the story of you. If you didn’t finish sharing, please bring those items with you to the zoom this morning. 

Today we have two small group zoom sessions: 10am and 11am. These are not optional, so please plan to attend one of them. We will be discussing writing today and doing some sharing as we always do. You also have a library broadcast with MsSorensen at 2:30. 

Planner’s ready? Let’s get started…

MATH: Word problems 

Today we are going to be tackling word problems that focus on time intervals. You will be using an open number line to figure out how much time has passed, the start or the end time of situations. Make sure you have pencil and paper so that you can try these strategies out as we move through this tutorial. I encourage you to review over parts of this video tutorial by pressing pause and going back over it. Good luck mathematicians! 

Math Tutorial Video with Mrs. Luciano

Copy and Paste to Slideshow: Workbook page 121 – 122

Print Option: Workbook pages 121 – 122

For more time telling practice and fun, try these games:



Quick Video Introduction with Mrs. Mangan

On Monday the country will be celebrating Memorial Day. For many, they call this day the “start of summer” or think of it as an enjoyable day off from school and work to BBQ with their families. But the day is much more than that. Read the article, “Celebrating Memorial Day” to see how Americans honor the brave men and women who died while serving their country. 

  • Then complete the 4 questions on the Seesaw activity that is assigned to you called, “Celebrating Memorial Day.”

Celebrating Memorial Day Article 

Want to know more about Memorial Day? Check out these videos: Memorial Day Extra Videos 


Today is the second day of your work with these slides. Feel free to re-watch yesterday’s video lesson to remind yourself of the assignment.

  • Day 1–This was due yesterday–
    • Watch the introductory video
    • Check your writing folder for the Slides called, “Imaginative Narrative #3″ Complete your work in these slides, as they are in your folders, not shared.
    • Read/Listen to The Paper Bag Princess
    • Complete the Story Map for The Paper Bag Princess on Slide #5
  • Day 2–Complete TODAY–
    • Return to the “Imaginative Narrative #3″ slides in your writing folder
    • Re-read or re-listen to Paper Bag Princess if necessary
    • Add your thinking to the Elements of Fantasy Padlet 
      • Connect your ideas to others that are similar
    • Answer the reflection questions on Slide #8. This is important as it will help you to reflect on this mentor text to examine ways in which it can help you to improve your writing.



Continue reading your agreed-upon book amount and create a NEW BINGO board activity. Please be sure to tell us what book you are reading and which activity you chose.







On this day in 1904 Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was formed in Paris.The National Soccer Hall of Fame is located in Texas and houses all that is related to soccer here in the United States only.  Sadly there is no International Hall of Fame, but if there was Pele would take center stage. He is one of the greatest players of all time. He once said, “I was born for soccer, just as Beethoven was born for music.” Did you know his real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento? You can learn more about this football genius by watching the film, Pele, Birth of a Legend.  


And to help keep you organized…


  • ELA
    • Book Clubs
      • Read your agreed-upon book club amount
      • Complete a DIFFERENT Bingo board activity than one you’ve chosen before
    • Fantasy: 2 Day Assignment
  • Math
    • Watch the math lesson video
    • Complete Workbook pgs 121-122
    • Participate in Khan Academy, IXL and play some time games for practice
  • Social Studies 
    • What short intro video
    • Read Celebrating Memorial Day article
    • Complete 4 questions on Seesaw
  • Complete unfinished work from yesterday
    • Padlet jot
    • Math workbook pgs. 119-120
    • Paper Bag Princess Story Mountain
    • Primary Task Cards Recording Sheet

See you all later!

MsBoyer xo







May 20

E-Learning Wednesday May 20th

Good morning! 

I hope you all enjoyed some time outdoors yesterday! I loved walking along the Bronx River Parkway and seeing all of the baby geese following their parents – they were quite cute and fluffy! I’m looking forward to our zoom today because we will be talking about fantasy writing and artifacts that tell the story of you! 

Our Zoom is at 10:30, please bring your artifacts, review these slides All About Me Discussion Question Slides and also have your notebook with you as we will be talking about fantasy writing. The day ends with Library Broadcast at 2:30 with Ms Sorensen. 

Have you made your Google Form for our buddies? If you haven’t, then add that to your to-do list for today. This is due Friday. Your buddies will be so surprised and happy to hear from you next week. 

Planner’s ready? Let’s get started…


MATH: Converting Time

In this lesson, you will be learning how to convert time from hours to minutes and minutes to hours. You will need a pencil and paper to actively participate in the lesson and complete some of the work alongside this tutorial. There may be times you will want to watch parts of the tutorial again, as this can be challenging work.

Math Tutorial: Converting Time Video with Mrs. Luciano

Copy and Paste Slides: Workbook pages 119-120 – these are also in your math folder

Print Option: Workbook pages 119 – 120



Imaginative Narrative #3

Authors often learn from other writers and use specific pieces of writing as their mentor text. Today you will explore a story that will become a mentor text for us, map it out on a story mountain, and look closely at the elements of fantasy writing. This is a two-day assignment as there are several parts. 

  • Watch the introductory video
  • Read/Listen to The Paper Bag Princess
  • Complete the Story Mountain for The Paper Bag Princess
  • Add your thinking to the Elements of Fantasy Padlet 
  • Answer the reflection questions on Slide #8

Elements of Fantasy & Story Mountains Video

Elements of Fantasy & Story Mountains SlidesThese are also in your writing folder


There has been a lot of talk about primary sources the last few weeks. But what about secondary sources? Aren’t they pretty great too? Watch today’s video to explore what makes secondary sources so useful. 

 Secondary Source Lesson Video with Mrs. Mangan

Complete the Task Cards project we started last week. Read each card, determine whether it is a primary or secondary source, and record your answer on the Recording Sheet. Then check your answers by scanning the QR code using a smartphone camera. Show us your Recording Sheet either on your May E-Learning Slideshow or on the Seesaw assignment. 

Slides and Recording Sheet to copy and paste

Recording Sheet PDF to print 


BookClubs: Read for 30 minutes and contribute thoughtfully to your padlet


On this day in 1927 Charles Lindbergh took off from Roosevelt Field in Long Island, NY, flying the “Spirit of St. Louis” on an epic flight from New York to Paris. It was a milestone in flying aviation history. He completed the 33-hour, 30-minute flight and landed at Le Bourget Airport, Paris on the evening of 21 May. The Spirit of St. Louis is an artifact that is housed in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Watch this video to see Charles Lindbergh’s plane being lowered to the floor of the museum to be inspected and a plan made for preservation. 

And to help you stay organized…


  • ELA
    • Book Clubs
      • Read your agreed upon book club amount
      • Contribute to your book club padlet
    • Fantasy- two-day assignment
      • Day 1- Watch intro video
      • Day 1- Listen to and read  The Paper Bag Princess
      • Day 1- Complete the story mountain
      • Day 2- Add to your class padlet the elements of Fantasy and complete reflection on slides
  • Math
    • Watch the math lesson video 
    • Complete workbook pages 119-120
  • Social Studies 
    • Watch the lesson to learn more about secondary sources
    • Complete task cards #17- 32 on Task Card Recording sheet- post on Seesaw or May E-learning Slideshow

See you all at 10:30!

MsBoyer xo

May 19

E-Learning Tuesday May 19th

Good morning!

I’m really excited for you to see the day we have planned today! Mrs. Mangan will have you searching for artifacts that tell your story (this is really cool!). Writing is an exercise in communication – studying the details of communication to grow your writing. And Math is all about telling time, which is so very important to know how to do!  

This morning we have our Birthday Celebration Zoom for Jacinta and Cindy at 11:30am and we will meet again at 1pm with Mr. Casal. Both of these zoom session links were emailed to you and should be in your calendars by now. 

Planner’s ready? Let’s get started…

MATH: Elapsed Time

Watch the video below to learn about elapsed time. Elapsed time is the amount of time that passes from the beginning of an event to its end. You will find the duration of a time interval using a clock face and a timeline as a tool. Timelines are a way to visualize what is happening as the hour and minute hands move around the clock face. You will also understand elapsed time better when going from A.M. to P.M. or from P.M. to A.M 

Elapsed Time Video with Mrs. DeGrazia

On workbook page 118 you may need extra space to make a timeline to help you visualize the amount of time that has passed.

Copy and paste: WB 117-118 – these are also in your math folder 

Print option: Time WB117-118

Extra Elapsed Time Practice and Games:

Continue to practice IXL: Log in with your Scarsdale account

  • Look for recommendations link to see what I’ve left for you
  • Here is a quick video to help you remember how to log into IXL:




  • For your BookClub today, read for 30 minutes
  • BINGO Board – choose one creative activity to show what you know 



All About Me Video with Mrs. Mangan 

  1. Watch the lesson about our exciting assignment today. 
  2. Collect at least one:
    1. Photograph
    2. Document
    3. Artifact 
  3. Bring these items to share at tomorrow’s Zoom



You don’t always need a long time to tell a great story. Today we are looking at a few Disney animated shorts to study how much detail can be packed into just a few minutes. Watch these films and think about the communication that is happening in each one. How are the characters communicating with one another? How do we know? Think body language, facial expressions, sounds (how might you describe this sound?). How can this help to inform your fantasy writing?

Watch the Introductory Video to learn how to get started on this learning opportunity.  

The Blue Umbrella 

For The Birds


Also, think back to Lou and LaLuna

Pixar Study Slides – these are also in your writing folder



On this day in 2007 United States, treasure hunters discovered a shipwreck off the coast of Cornwall in the United Kingdom. The ship had a record haul of over $500 million worth of gold and silver. A shipwreck expert guessed that the wreck was that of the Merchant Royal that sank in 1642 off the Islands of Scilly. Treasure hunters travel far and wide to find what they are looking for. Nicholas Cage plays Ben Gates, a historian and treasure hunter in the movie National Treasure. It’s worth watching and so good, they made three!  

And to help you stay organized…


  • ELA
    • Book Clubs
      • Read your fantasy books 
      • Complete bingo board activity- post on Seesaw
    • Fantasy – writing  
      • Watch each of the Pixar Videos
      • On Slides 6-9, fill in your own examples of:
        • Body Language
        • Facial Expressions
        • Noises
        • How might this inform my own writing?
  • Math
    • Watch the video on elapsed time
    • Workbook pages 117-118
    • Continue to play “Time Flies” board game with a family member
    • Play the listed elapsed time games for practice
    • Look over yesterday’s math workbook pages and make any necessary corrections
  • Social Studies 
    • Watch the “All About Me” video
    • Begin collecting primary sources from your life. You should look for at least:
      • 1 document
      • 1 photograph
      • 1 artifact

See you all at 11:30! Please email me if you have any questions. 

Ms.Boyer xo

May 18

E-Learning Monday May 18th

Good morning!

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend! I spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather. In thinking about the week ahead, I can’t help but look forward to spending more time developing your ideas for fantasy stories. Did you know Dr. Doolittle was originally written in 1967 and there have been several different movie versions of this famous fantasy story? This got me to thinking if I could talk to any animal what would it be and what would I say? That’s our discussion starter for today, so hop on over to this padlet and channel your inner Dr.Dolittle. 


In your social studies folder, you will find a new set of slides that are purple for the next two weeks, May 18-May 29th. Please upload your work to these slides under the correct date. 

This morning, we are going to talk about the next step in this writing journey. Bring your notebook, pencils and an open mind. It’s going to be grand!

This morning we have our zoom at 10:30am. You all have Spanish at 1:00pm with Senor Johnson, Music at 1:45 with Ms. Bescherer, and library broadcast at 2:30 with Ms. Sorensen. It’s a full day of learning opportunities ahead! 

Planners ready? Let’s get started…



Today you will practice reading an analog clock to the hour and to 1 minute.  Watch the video to learn different ways to read an analog clock.  Maybe you can go outside today and draw a clock using sidewalk chalk.  Can you make your clock into quarters?

CHALLENGE: Try all 3 different activities today (hop, run around your house, sit without talking) to feel how long 1 minute is.  Set a timer to 1 minute to help you. Was 1 minute longer than you expected?

Telling Time with Mrs. DeGrazia

Have fun with the interactive clock to practice and create different times by looking at an analog clock and digital clock:


Have fun playing this game with a sibling or family member. The game focuses on reading analog clocks to the hour and half hour.  You will need a die and 2 game pieces to play.

Telling Time Game Board and Rules

Here is a printable analog clock to help you understand the different parts of a clock:

Printable Analog Clock

Print Option – Workbook pages 115-116

Copy and paste to slideshow: Workbook pages 115 – 116

Time Games:



Famous authors engage in a process of Brainstorming and Collecting Ideas. That’s what today’s work is all about. While you may have a certain character or storyline in mind, it’s important that you continue to collect new ideas before settling on the final one. Today you will be using two graphic organizers focused on characters and settings. These will help you to stretch your creative muscles and formulate new ideas that will be collected in a notebook. 

First, watch this overview video and you will learn how important Brainstorming is to writing your best story.  

Imaginative Narrative #2: Brainstorming Video

Imaginative Narrative #2 Slides  

Digital Notebook– This is in your writing folder on Drive

Graphic Organizers to print 



  • If you are finishing a book this week, please choose one from the fantasy collection for your club’s next book. 
  • Today is a padlet day, which means you are to read for 30 minutes, use your notebook to record your thinking while reading, and add something meaningful to your group padlet that reflects your deep thinking. 


SOCIAL STUDIES: Primary Source Scavenger Hunt 

Primary Source Video with Mrs. Mangan

Today you will be investigating a text called, “Using Primary Sources” that has been assigned to you on Epic. Take your time, enjoy the book and along the way study the different types of primary sources that are explained to you.

When you are finished with the text, go back into it and go on a primary source scavenger hunt! Using the chart provided on Seesaw or on Slides, fill out as many spaces you can, determining whether the primary source you found was a photograph, document or artifact. Then answer the question, “Which one of these primary sources would you most like to see in real life and why?”

Good luck historians! 

Slides to Copy or you can complete this on SeeSaw



On this day in 1980 Mount St. Helens located in the Cascade Range in Washington State,  erupted and blasted 1,300 ft off it’s top that sent hot mud, gas and ashes running down it’s slopes. The explosion sent plumes of dark gray ash some 60,000 feet in the air which blocked out the rays from the sun making it seem like night over eastern Washington. Learn more about molten rock and lava by watching this brief video.

And to help you stay organized…


  • ELA
    • Book Clubs
      • Read for 30 minutes and contribute to your group’s padlet
    • Fantasy – writing  
      • Watch the What is Imaginative Writing Video 2
      • Complete the graphic organizers for setting & character
      • Begin collecting ideas for fantasy stories 
  • Math
    • Watch the video on Time to learn different ways to read an analog clock
    • Hop, run around your house, sit without talking with a timer to see how long 1 minute feels
    • Play “Time Flies” board game with a family member
    • Practice and explore with the interactive clock website
    • Complete workbook pages 115-116
  • Social Studies 
    • Watch the lesson on Using Primary Sources
    • Read the book “Using Primary Sources” assigned to you in Epic
    • Either complete the activity using Seesaw OR copying and pasting the slides to your May E~Learning Slideshow

I’ll see you all at 10:30!

Ms. Boyer xo