November 2019 archive

NY Project-The Beginning

So far I really like researching on NY Harbor. My question is what is the story behind NY Harbor. So far this project is challenging but I learned a lot of new things for example NY Harbor is a river located around Manhattan. I also learned that you can not just find an answer right away. I only found out two things about my question so far. Even though it is so frustrating¬† sometimes for example like when I read 3 big paragraphs on Wikipedia and did not find out any information. I really like how everyone has a different place in New York City. I also am so excited to see everything come together when the project is done. I do research a lot and work hard and so does my group. We have so many good websites that we can count on. This project is really fun. I love NY but I have to admit that I don’t know that much about it. Now I know so much more about it. And I can not wait to learn more. At first I thought NY Harbor was a town but I realized it was a river. I hope this inspires you to learn about New York City! Right now in the process we are wrapping our research together.