Capstone #3 site visit

For our Capstone project we had to do a site visit to a site related to our topic. I went to the Westport library to do the Virtual Reality demo. I chose this because it shows how much libraries have changed from only supplying books to doing VR demos.

The VR demo was run by around high school aged kids. When we first walked in there was no one else there but there were technical difficulties so we had to wait 10 minutes before it started. In those 10 minutes I looked around the maker space lab and saw that there were 2 3D printers. Once it started it was really fun. I went first because it was only my brother and I. You entered a blank world. After 5 minutes in the headset I had completely forgotten I was in a library. Here is a picture:


The day before I had gone on an interview at the Westport library, which you will see in my next blog post. During that I got to see the 3D printers working. I think that was really cool because they were 3D printing an award which you didn’t used to do in libraries.

I think this was a really cool learning experience because I got to see how VR worked and it helped my project by showing me how the maker space was embracing technology.



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  1. I like how you gave background information in your first paragraph, so you gave people a refresher. I also like how you explained everything, so I could really understand it. Maybe you could of posted some pictures, though, because I bet it would’ve looked really cool!

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