I’m Back!

I’m Back!


Hello, I’m back! I am in fourth grade now. I live with my mom, dad, and my sister. My favorite animals are dogs. My favorite food is watermelon. I love to climb. I also love to play soccer. I love holidays and special occasions too!

     Dogs are my favorite animals because they are so cute and soft. I once had a dog named Madison. She was a Mini-Goldendoodle. I loved her so much. When I was younger, my dad’s aunt and uncle came over to my house. They fell in love with my dog. So my family let them borrow it. They loved my dog too much though. They never gave her back. But it’s okay because I visit Madison sometimes. I am also working on encouraging my parents to get a new dog.

Dog on Facebook 2.2

    I like to climb because I think it is a great and fun way to exercise. I am really good at climbing, even though I don’t do it that often. When I go to Miami, FL I climb every day because there is a rock wall at the hotel I go to. I go for about a week. Climbing is also relaxing sometimes. My favorite type of climbing is rock climbing. Climbing is my favorite sport!

   Even though soccer is not my favorite sport, it is still fun. I do it three times a week. Practices are on Monday and Friday, and games are on Sundays. I am on a travel team. I just started playing soccer this fall. I am on the C team. (That’s the lowest team.) I hope that I continue to love soccer and keep playing because I am much better at soccer than when I started.

   I like holidays and special occasions because they feel special. They feel special to me because most holidays only come once a year. They are a tradition. I think that the most important part is that you get to see your friends and family. Some holidays include presents. I love getting presents! ( Who doesn’t? ) When I use the present that someone gave me, it sometimes reminds me of them. My favorite holiday is Chanukkah. What’s yours?

   I will probably mostly be posting about these things. Comment if you have a specific request because I will definitely take it. Stay tuned if you like my blog for a lot more posts. Thanks for reading this! Bye! 🙂



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