Technology Post 4

Today we started making our “self driving cars.” I decided for my first switch to make something like a swing, but not exactly. I decided that on the bottom to make a straw, and cut a hole through the swing. When you mull down on the swing it will go through the straw. I am going to make my second switch simple and like a see saw. I think I’m going to make my third switch something similar to my second switch, but somehow different. I think self driving cars are so cool and have a large chance of being used everyday in the future. This project is so cool and a smart way to see how self driving cars actually work.

Technology Post 3

Today in class we learned how to light up a light bulb. We used three wires, a switch, a battery, and a light bulb. First we had to attach one wire to the light bulb, next we attached that wire to the switch. The we attached one of the wires from the battery onto the light bulb. Last we attached the last wire on the battery to the switch. Yay! A light appeared! This project helped me see how to create light and I really enjoyed it!


Technology Post 2

Did you know that self parking cars have been invented? People thought by now we would have self driving cars, but obviously they were wrong. In the article I read I read that self parking cars are able to determine if your car can fit in a spot. Self driving cars also fit the cars into spots that drivers never could have parked in. Self parking cars can stop a lot of accidents, and could be safer for drivers who aren’t skilled at parking.

Technology Post 1

This week Mrs. Mor came into out class for human rights day. She loves to make jewelry, and she wanted to save  animals especially elephants. She found a way do both. People are killing elephants for their tusks to make jewelry. There are seeds on trees that have the same material as elephants tusks. Instead of killing elephants you can just take the seeds and make the same jewelry! She is so creative and her jewelry was so cool and pretty.

Dash And Dot Project

Dash And Dot Reflection

We, (Jackie and Elliot,) worked together to try to close Chris’s locker. This was a very challenging goal for us. All together we think we did a great job but there were some difficulties along the way.

What we wanted was that the dash would get around a tissue box, and then it would come from an angle. The dash would bang into a Harry Potter book which we hoped would close Chris’s locker.

We also had some difficulties at other points. One problem was that dash would stop right in front of the locker and not hit it. Though that was rough our biggest problem was that dash was always slightly off and it hit the wrong locker. We tried all different angles but all of them were just a little off. Sometimes the dash would do it right one time but we just needed to fix one little thing, but after we tried it again and fixed that one little thing it was back to being bad again, but with a new problem. But altogether we worked to get things done and fix these problems together.

There were also successful things that we did. We made sure that we worked together as a team and that we both got to do little of everything. When something went wrong we worked together to make it right. And through all the tough challenges we triumphed over them. By the end we had, had a great experience and a great video. We worked together and actually closed Chris’s locker all the way, which was said never to be done before!

By: Elliot and Jackie

Do You Think I Should Keep On Writing This Story?


Chapter 1

The Secret


Pa had always said be grateful for what you have but I was curious. I was know cinderella, I wanted to find out more, and like everyone said I was Riley Shay and it was great me. Growing up never really knew what happened to my mother. Did she die, or get sick,  or get into a accident or really, did she just walk away. Know one ever told me. Pa would just walk away. But that day it was different, I had a feeling when I got out of bad that I was going to making a difference, because I was Riley Shay. It all started in the morning. I woke up at six o’clock and got out of bed. Around eight o’clock I left. My house was a ten minute walk to the school from the old raggy apartment building. “Hey Riley,” said my friend Erica “hey,” I say. Erica was wealthy unlike me. That day I walked home my self. “Pa.” “ what happened to ma,”he just walked away. “Really pa, i’m old enough to know what happened. “ but It’s not…..” I said “ I said not now,” you should never mess with pa, trust me.


That night I was getting into bed when I noticed a diary. It had pas name on it, Chris Shay. And that was the day I found out the secret, the true secret, that was the day I found it out. What really happened to ma.



Do You Think I should Keep On Writing This Story, Please Commont to tell me yes, or no.

You Must Read This Book!!!!

The Running Dream [you must read this book]

By: Jackie Kershner


If you need a really good book to read I would definitely recommend to you the book called The Running Dream. This book is by Wendelin Van Draanen. This book is about a girl named Jessica who is a really good runner and is competitive. But one day Jessica has an accident coming home from a running race, and she finds herself stuck in bed not knowing if she will be able to run again.

You have to read this book and once you finish it,

You get a feeling that you want to run as good as a runner like Jessica

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My Poems

Hate That Homework

Boring, and boring, and boringer

It stinks and takes up my time

Brain is whooshing with things that wouldn’t have to be there

If homework

Was saved


So much depends upon…..


So much depends upon

An orange basketball

Soaring through the sky

Beside the hoop


Love That Cat

The orange tabby cat is all mine

His tail wagging and his feet tapping and tapping and tapping

He jumps to a start when he sees me

Meows, and meows, and meows

Away he goes

Never into the starry night

Because I love that cat

And I’m never going to risk his life

I’m never going to risk

My cat’s life


Airplane Taking Off

Zoom Zoom

Up and away into the air

Slowly stiffly up people go

Flying, crying away they go bumpy, thumpy everyone’s feeling

Lumpy,frumpy, grumpy

Everyone’s together hearing the munching of food

And gum

As we settle in the air we

Slowly,slowly jump to stand

Everyone is quiet

Even the laundry man

My Writing

The Night Of Terror

By: Jackie Kershner


It was Halloween and I, Bella, was going to prove to  my twin brother Jack that he was a scaredy cat. I know it sounds wrong, but with what happened last year, it’s time get revenge! I was going to get that boy back and if I wanted to, I would have to be on my own team and believe in myself.


My first best friend’s name is Jenny, my other best friend’s name is Caroline! All my friends kept on telling me that it was a bad idea, and to forget it, but I couldn’t. I wanted to prove to my brother that he was a scaredy cat. “Bella, if something happens, you can’t blame it on me,” says Jenny. “I know. Stop it. It will be fun! I’m so excited,” screams Bella. Jenny was going to be trick or treating with them, and Caroline was still not there. The two of them started putting on their costumes when the doorbell rang!  “I’ll get the door,” screamed Bella and Jenny. They went running  to the door. It was Caroline! “Bella, Jenny Caroline, it’s time to go trick or treating, and Jack will be coming with us,” said Bella’s mom. “No,” yelled Bella. She did not want to get embarrassed by her brother, even in front of her two best friends. Her brother somehow always caused trouble.

When the four of them left the house it was dark and scary. There were so many people out. They went to lots of houses, and Bella didn’t know which one was perfect to scare her brother. Then finally, they came to it. It had the most scary yard Bella had ever seen. There were dead bodies bobbing up out of nowhere.


“ Let’s go to this house, it looks scary. Maybe we will get a lot of candy,” Bella said. “I don’t know how good of an idea this is,” said her Mom. “I want to go to this house,” screamed Jack. This was the perfect time to do her plan. Bella winked at her friends. She could tell that they were really scared, but Bella didn’t care. This was about her, not them. As they walked up the walkway, it got scarier and and scarier. “I’ll ring the doorbell,” called Bella, and she did. “Ding Dong,” rang the bell.  “Ding Dong.” Bella rang it again. “I don’t think anybody is home. We should try to get a few more houses, it’s getting late,” said Bella’s mom.


They waited one more minute and then someone came out of the door. He was wearing all black and he had a mean hat.  His hat said, Zachary. Bella was guessing that that was his name. Bella was so lost in thought that  she didn’t notice that the man was chasing her. She ran. “Help! Help! I’m getting chased! Somebody help,” she cried.

Finally the man ran right back into his house, not giving the four kids candy. Bella started running home on her own now, she was terrified! “Bella, wait, slow down. He was just trying to be funny,” screamed her Mom. But she didn’t, she was too fast. When she got home, she ran right to her room. She knew that the man was trying to be funny. It was Halloween. Why else would he scare her?


“We should probably go home,” said Bella’s two friends.  “Hey Bella, look who’s the scaredy cat now?” “I know I am. I’m really sorry now. I know that we are both scaredy cats!” said Bella. “Bella, are you ok,” said Bella’s mom. “Yes, I’m fine,” Bella said. “Then let’s have some popcorn and watch a scary movie,” said Bella’s mom, and they did. It was the best Halloween ever, and now Bella knew that she should treat people how she would hope they would treat her!