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See you today at 10:00! Get the link from your S.S. folder in Drive called, Zoom Sessions for 3M. I’ll be answering questions you’ve had and talk about the newest cultural universal, Social Aspects.

Questions that can’t wait? E-Learning Questions Padlet. 

cursive practice

YouTube Link: Letters J and Q

Cursive Worksheets


Log in to Pearson Realize

Continue to work on the activities for this week’s words. A TIP: Do your writing sort on the last day that you want to hand in your activities. It erases your work so that you can come back to it day after day to practice. So the last day, the day you think you can “Turn in All,” do the writing sort so I can see all your great sentences/words.

Independent reading- 30 mins.
Read Aloud-“Wonder”

The author of “Wonder”, R.J. Palacio will be reading aloud every weekday at 12:00. Check it out!

Math – area of a rectangle: Mrs. Luciano

Finding the area of a shape can be as easy as multiplying length x width. Check out Mrs. Luciano’s math lesson for the day.

YouTube Link if video in blog doesn’t work: Area of A Rectangle Lesson

Complete the workbook pages. Workbook Pages 175-177 

You can either print the pages out and insert them into your drive after you are done. OR you can copy the pages from the slideshow into your E-Learning Slideshow, using text boxes to write the answers in. Your choice!

Feel like a challenge, check out DMC #5.


Social Aspects is next! No need to do internet research, this one all comes from your life. Make sure you are answering these in full sentences. Ex. On the weekend I like to…  I celebrate my birthday by…

The Slideshow has been placed into your Google Drive in your Social Studies Folder and is called, Cultural Universals Project**Social Aspects due Friday**


Ms. Cameron’s Page

Join Ms. Cameron’s Google Classroom- Code: i2gktah

Press the 9 boxes Then press Google Classroom

Go to the plus button and press Join Class.

Then enter the code for Ms. Mangan’s class: i2gktah

Ms. Bescherer’s Music Page

Mr. Borgia’s Page

Sr. Johnson’s Page – Make sure you log in

Strings – Dr. Schultz

Band – Mr. Weber


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