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Ela- hand washing

You have probably been hearing a lot about hand washing recently. Read about two engineers who created a solution to a very common problem, not washing your hands well enough. Answer the questions at the end by either copying and pasting the slides into your own E-Learning Slideshow, writing just your answers on the slideshow, or printing it out and uploading a picture to your drive.

Hand Washing Innovation

Keep reading 30 minutes a day of your independent reading. Try to find a quiet space where you can concentrate and sustain your focus for the full 30 minutes. Need a suggestion? Go to our Seesaw class and check out the book reviews our class made last week!

math- Negative Space

Negative space is the space in the background of a figure. Watch the lesson above to see how you can use negative space to help you think about finding area.

Practice Question: Negative Space Problem

DMC #4

Social Studies-Cultural Universals of Scarsdale (Continued)

Continue to do internet research and interview people to collect information about the Cultural Universals of Scarsdale. The Slideshow has been placed into your Google Drive in your Social Studies Folder and is called, Cultural Universals Project. **Politics due tomorrow**



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