Tuesday, March 31st E-Learning


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Please complete 30 minutes of independent reading. Don’t forget about Storyworks, Scholastic News, Epic and True Flix on the library databases.


Continue your work on your heart maps. Take your time, think deeply about the questions we discussed during our Zoom session yesterday.  Print out your heart map, draw and write your important items and then snap a picture and explain your map on Seesaw. Try to put your map and explanation up on Seesaw by the end of the day. 

Heart Map Template–TO PRINT

Finished your map yesterday? Write some poems about the topics on your map. Put them on Seesaw or on your E-Learning Slideshow and show me what creative poets you can be! Make sure you check out these poetry websites as well.

Poetry Websites:

Math- composite Figures

Today we will talk more about composite figures, or irregular shapes. That is a shape that can be divided into more than one basic shape. For instance the letter H can be looked at like three rectangles put together.

Check out this Khan Academy Video and continue the exploration by watching the remainder of the videos and practices on the left hand side. Listen carefully because this is a tricky concept that we will continue to look at. There is no “worksheet” practice due today, just complete the practice from Khan Academy. Try your best, not to worry if you get some wrong, we will be spending the rest of the week practicing this.

DMC #8


Make sure you are answering these in full sentences. Ex. A tradition of my family is to … **Beliefs, Economics and Cultural Arts Due Friday**


Ms. Cameron’s Page

Join Ms. Cameron’s Google Classroom- Code: i2gktah

Ms. Bescherer’s Music Page 

Mrs. Bescherer emailed your families and she will Zoom on Thursday, April 2 from 9:30- 9:45am with all 3rd graders.

Mr. Borgia’s Page

Sr. Johnson’s Page

Strings – Dr. Schultz

Band – Mr. Weber


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