Book partnership 2-touchblue

I am in a book partnership with max. We are reading the book touchblue by Cynthia Lord.

When we read we write down things we noticed. Something that I wrote down was:

Envisioning I am Tess: 
Still shocked by Aron’s reaction I wonder what I said. I might of been to talkative and made him uncomfortable in a new home. As we walk home I look down at the ground¬†and don’t make eye contact or talk to him. I kick the sand feeling guilty.

This stood out to me because when the foster kid Aaron comes to Tess’s home Tess is really nice to him. She made him popcorn, showed him around but Aaron might of felt uncomfortable in a new place. When Tess was going on and on about something Aaron was probably frustrated. When he told Tess to shut up she was super shocked because she thought she was being helpful and nice. This makes me feel bad for both of them because Aaron felt uncomfortable and Tess was doing something nice and got yelled at for doing that.


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