Passion project day#8

We are still trying to figure out what to do with those two questions in tsetse fly. I also memerized how to spell tsetse fly because I had to write it so much times. I said to myself “All you have to memerize is tse two times. I accomplished tsetse fly #2. I also made transitions for the tsetse fly #2 slide. Marcello also made all of the transitions fade in and I have no idea at all why he changed all of the zoom in and come in from right and come in from left. I wanted to add some humor into it but marcello said this is no place for humor and he was being very serious. In school, I asked marcello to work on it right after school with me and he said he has to do some kind of live stream on his youtube channel so I was dissapointed about that. I learned that tsetse flies only live in africa and that is the only place to be catious. I almost forgot to do my blog, and for a second I thought I forgot to do it for yesterday(day 7). Tommorow I hope to figure out the answers to the question even though I think I will not figure the question out.

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