Wooden Musical Instruments

For human rights day my class and I used wooden musical instruments and talked about how they related to Ghana. Today my class and I read around 5 different articles about wooden musical instruments to follow up about what we did on human rights day. From the first article called wood in music  I learned 3 main things. One being that the sound of wood hitting wood was one of the first musical sounds to emerge. The second being that the earliest woodwind instruments were tubes in a horn shape. This second fact was especially shocking because to me the simplest instrument seems to be a drum. The last thing I learned from this article was that wood can be used to make so many instruments. The second article is called Tone Wood: What You Need To Know, from this article I learned that different kinds of instruments give off their best sounds when the right wood is used. This is super cool to me. The 3rd article was about how tree species are being threatened  because they produce really nice sounds and everyone wants to use them. The last article was about the process of making a wooden instrument. I learned there are a lot of steps to making a wooden instrument. Last but not least I watched a video. The video taught me that the process of making a drum is FULL of manual labor, it takes such hard work, and it requires close attention to detail. This is only some of what I learned from reading these articles and watching that video. I hope to learn more about how wood is used in instruments!

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