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Oceans – PSA

Hi Everyone,

A little while ago I started to create a PSA using Wevideo. In the PSA My classmates and I had to include what made our unique, the interdependence of plants and animals in our ecosystem, possible solutions to help save our ecosystem, a call to action and aWebsite of organization where people can go to make a difference. Everyone got to pick an ecosystem to study I picked Oceans, then I made a PSA about Oceans. It includes how oceans arethreatened and how the creatures in it are also affected and it also includes how you can help save the ocean I hope you enjoy it:





Hi everyone, today I am going to talk about somewhere I love to go… CAMP! I love the summer because I get to go to Timber Tops. Timber Tops is an amazing sleep away camp. I love it because there is so much to do. I also get to get away from my family for 7 weeks, although at Timber Tops you get the option to stay 3 weeks or 7 weeks. I loved it so much so I signed up for 7 weeks. It is an amazing way to  take a brake from school and get rid of any stress you have . Check out the video below:

My Dog – Barney

Hello everyone, today I am going to talk about someone I love… Barney! Barney is my dog. He is so cute and some of his antics are super funny. Barney is  one of a kind or unique yeah lets go with unique. Barney can get scared  at the littlest things for example an ant, but he won’t be scared of the mailmen. Barney loves to bark at dogs who are bigger than he is as if he wants to show the other dog whos boss. Barney can be extremely helpful, but at the same time extremely annoying. For example whenever someone knocks on the door he will bark, which can be very helpful…but it can also be annoying. Every morning I either wake up with Barney bolting into my room and clawing at my arms or I can wake up the annoying way you are probably thinking isn’t him scratching you the annoying way you wake up… well yes but Barney is also a fan of barking and umm thats sometimes how I wake up. Every once in a while Barney will be extremely funny, but at the end of the day thats what makes Barney, Barney.

A World Full Of Slime

Hi everyone, today I am going to be talking about something that I like to do when I have the time and that is to…make slime! Slime is great for kids and you can use household items to make the slime. There are many different ways to make slime and many different kinds of slime for example: Fluffy slime, butter slime and ice burg slime. Slime can be a fun craft you can do on a day where you have free time. Slime can also be used in stress balls and slime on its own is very stress relieving this is great for kids like me who get stressed easily. Slime can also be used to clean, while this may come as a shock to you it is true. It probably is a better idea to use a real cleaning product, but if you are desperate to get furniture dust free then slime will work. Do not put slime on a couch or a bed or really any thing that uses cloth and don’t put it on nice furniture either. Ask your parents before making slime. You might get your hands a little dirty, I also recommend that you change into clothes you don’t care that much about just incase it gets messy. Down below you will find a video on how to make slime follow these steps and you should get a perfect slime:

My last Swim Meet

Hi everyone, today I am going to be talking about something that is very important to me… swimming! I love to swim, it doesn’t matter if I am racing someone or just swimming for fun. I am on a swim team and at the end of the year we have one big swim meet, but before I tell you about my last swim meet I think it is important that you know a swim meet is when you go head to head with another swim team and you race a couple of people. Like I was saying my swim team has one big swim meet at the end of the year which means we race more than one team. This year I was in a relay race and I was swimming two laps Butterfly. A relay race is when there are four people and each person swims a different stroke and you work together to win your race. I was also swimming an individual event which is where you are swimming by yourself, while racing other people. In my individual event I was also swimming Butterfly. I got first in my heat. A heat is like a group and in swimming there are multiple heats, so in my heat or group I got first, but overall I got ninth out of sixteen.Make sure there is someone supervising you when swimming. Down below you will find a video on how to do the stroke Butterfly:

The Genius Files

I think that Pep lives her life in fear. I think this because she was the one that thought that someone was following her and Coke .I think that Coke and Pep have very different ideas on whats happening to them. I think that Coke thinks that Mya is joking around with him and Pep. I think that Pep is taking this a little more serious then she should because if she worries to much i think whatever is bad thing is happen to them i think Pep can make worse if she worries as much as she is right now. I wonder if Mya will be able to save the twins lives.I think  that something might of happened to Pep that was dangerous so maybe that is why she is fearful. I think maybe what seems like fear to me could be Pep being cautious and looking out for whats best for her and Coke.

Book Clubs: Donuthead – Jot 2

I think that Franklin is Jealous of the relationship Sarah has with Franklin’s mom. I think this because he is always seems to to be complaining that Sarah and his mom are leaving him out so I think he is Jealous of their relationship, but won’t admit it. I think that Franklin is feels like no one is really accepting him and that is why he is so Jealous of their relationship. I also think that Franklin wants a lot of attention and he is not getting attention from his mom or Sarah and he is getting jealous of their relationship.I think that Sarah and Franklin’s mom are just trying to ignore him. 

Writing Long and Strong on Jots – Character

I think that Delilah is helpful because she is helping the Baker boys by looking through books. I also think that she might be doing it so she has some friends before the school year starts and to get the boys to not hate the idea of Josie the cat liking her better than them. I think that the boys will learn to like Delilah later because she finds ways to get around problems. I think that Delilah doesn’t think that the boys are telling the truth, but she just wants them to like her. I think the boys don’t like her, but the boys mom wants them to be nice to Delilah. I wonder if the boys are using Delilah to help them. I also wonder if Delilah likes being around the boys.

Welcome to 2016-2017!

It’s a brand new school year the! I’m so excited to be back and learn new things. It feels like it is the first day. I can’t belive I have alredy done so much! I am very nervous, but I get this feeling every year. I am going to try my very best in everything I do and not just give up after one try. I am going to be focused this year. I am still feel new to the blog, but it takes time to get used to things. I am going to do my work first this year.