January 24

Testing and Filming – Rube Goldberg #4

When Dani and I first started testing things they didn’t always work so we had to fix a few things before we video taped it . So we didn’t have to test the whole thing a bunch of times, we made sure each individual step or two was working well we had a few fails like:

Of course we tested everything at least 3 times before shooting the first video. Every time we had a new step that worked well we combined it with the previous step. This helped the testing process for our machine go faster or at least I think it did. The day we filmed (Which was yesterday January 22) we were excited, but nervous. I kept thinking about if it would fail so many times that it was just break. After three or four fails it finally worked. We had to review the footage we got of the machine working so we would know which part really needed work. I was overwhelmed with happiness when i saw that it worked I wanted to scream. You might be wondering, why were you so happy? Well it feels great when I get something done so when this was done (part of it) I was overjoyed.

I am happy that it all worked out in the end and now we can move forward it this project. It took a lot of effort,time,handwork and creativity to make the machine that we did. Personally I think it is all worth it because it is super cool to watch what you have created. I think that a worry I had for the filming part of this project is that it wouldn’t be clear enough to see. I am super excited to get to work and start editing even though I have already done a little.











January 18

Building – Rube Goldberg 3

Dani and I started to  build around the time we started to sketch which was the end of our first meeting and beginning of our second. We started building by making a few different pieces we could use. We made these pieces out of Tinker Toys. The first thing we built was the very last step because that was the step we were 100% sure that would be in the Rube Goldberg. After the last step was built we built the first step because Dani and I figured once we get the first and the last things done then it would be easier. We figured it could be easier because then we could fill in the middle with other cool things  and use the first and last steps as guidelines. We did most the building the second and third day. Since we already had the last and first steps built is was pretty easy because we just built on. All we need to do to finish building is, connect one more thing and figure out what levels things should be on. We think that we work well together and we have gotten pretty far in a short amount of time so we don’t think that it will be much harder to build the rest.  We are excited to learn many other cool things about Rube Goldberg machines.

January 18

Sketching – Rube Goldberg 2

When Dani and I met for the first time we didn’t really know where to start or what we were going to do. The only thing we knew was our task. We started to kind of piece together the last step and how it would work because it was the only thing we were sure we were going to do. This is all we really got done the first time we met. The second time we met we were determined to finish the last part of the sketch. We started to discuss ideas for the first part of the machine. By the third time we met we had already gotten part of the sketch done and we even started building part of the Rube Goldberg machine. We finished the rest of the sketch the third time we met. Overall I thought the sketching part of the project was pretty hard because to me it is hard to sketch something if I don’t have anything to sketch which is part of the reason we started to build the machine. We are happy with our sketch and think we will be able to follow it because it is practical and clear. We think we might need to revise it a little so, The sketch looks something like the machine.

January 9

Rube Goldberg Ideas 1

Last week our teacher had introduced us to a project that my fellow classmates and i will be working on for the next month. The project is called Rube Goldberg, Rube Goldberg is a very complex machine made for the purpose of doing a simple task. We got to choose if we wanted to work alone work with a partner or in a small group. I decided it would be a good idea to do it with a partner because then I would have someone to work with, but it wouldn’t get it too complicated. One of my friends Dani had the same though process, so we decided to work together.  We wanted to started to come up with tasks that our machine could do that way we could know what our task was the first day we met. Dani and I had a few ideas but we needed to narrow it down to one. Once we narrowed it down to one we set up a date so we could discuss how the tasked will be completed. We decided to meet Sunday (yesterday.) We talked and tried out some ways our task could be completed. We are both happy because now that we know how the task will be completed we figure that we can add  in some other things before the task is completed which shouldn’t be too hard.

November 30

Reflection on Rocketry

Today we presented our rocketry slides. Everyone was divided into groups of four. We had to build and launch rockets. We did this three times so we could improve our rocket each time and while doing this we made a slide show showing the process of the rockets being made, launched, designed and graphed. Today three groups presented the groups that presented today were: Rockets Inc., Radical Rockets and Rocket Crushers. I am in Radical Rockets.

I was super nervous because I was scared I was going to mess up. I was expecting it to go a lot worse than it did. I was scared I wouldn’t remember my lines or forget what slide I was supposed to narrate. Once my group started to present I felt a little bit better but I was still super nevous something was going to go wrong. I was also nervous that the video of launching our rockets wouldn’t play because that had happened once or twice while practicing.

I think that it went better than I ever thought it would go. I am happy that my group got to go today because now I don’t have to worry about it. I really enjoyed this unit and thought that it was so cool how we were able to build rockets that were actually successful. It was exciting to present in front of our classmates, parents and teacher. Click on video to watch my groups presentation:

June 12

Oceans – PSA

Hi Everyone,

A little while ago I started to create a PSA using Wevideo. In the PSA My classmates and I had to include what made our unique, the interdependence of plants and animals in our ecosystem, possible solutions to help save our ecosystem, a call to action and aWebsite of organization where people can go to make a difference. Everyone got to pick an ecosystem to study I picked Oceans, then I made a PSA about Oceans. It includes how oceans arethreatened and how the creatures in it are also affected and it also includes how you can help save the ocean I hope you enjoy it:




April 5


Hi everyone, today I am going to talk about somewhere I love to go… CAMP! I love the summer because I get to go to Timber Tops. Timber Tops is an amazing sleep away camp. I love it because there is so much to do. I also get to get away from my family for 7 weeks, although at Timber Tops you get the option to stay 3 weeks or 7 weeks. I loved it so much so I signed up for 7 weeks. It is an amazing way to  take a brake from school and get rid of any stress you have . Check out the video below:

April 4

My Dog – Barney

Hello everyone, today I am going to talk about someone I love… Barney! Barney is my dog. He is so cute and some of his antics are super funny. Barney is  one of a kind or unique yeah lets go with unique. Barney can get scared  at the littlest things for example an ant, but he won’t be scared of the mailmen. Barney loves to bark at dogs who are bigger than he is as if he wants to show the other dog whos boss. Barney can be extremely helpful, but at the same time extremely annoying. For example whenever someone knocks on the door he will bark, which can be very helpful…but it can also be annoying. Every morning I either wake up with Barney bolting into my room and clawing at my arms or I can wake up the annoying way you are probably thinking isn’t him scratching you the annoying way you wake up… well yes but Barney is also a fan of barking and umm thats sometimes how I wake up. Every once in a while Barney will be extremely funny, but at the end of the day thats what makes Barney, Barney.

April 4

A World Full Of Slime

Hi everyone, today I am going to be talking about something that I like to do when I have the time and that is to…make slime! Slime is great for kids and you can use household items to make the slime. There are many different ways to make slime and many different kinds of slime for example: Fluffy slime, butter slime and ice burg slime. Slime can be a fun craft you can do on a day where you have free time. Slime can also be used in stress balls and slime on its own is very stress relieving this is great for kids like me who get stressed easily. Slime can also be used to clean, while this may come as a shock to you it is true. It probably is a better idea to use a real cleaning product, but if you are desperate to get furniture dust free then slime will work. Do not put slime on a couch or a bed or really any thing that uses cloth and don’t put it on nice furniture either. Ask your parents before making slime. You might get your hands a little dirty, I also recommend that you change into clothes you don’t care that much about just incase it gets messy. Down below you will find a video on how to make slime follow these steps and you should get a perfect slime:

April 3

My last Swim Meet

Hi everyone, today I am going to be talking about something that is very important to me… swimming! I love to swim, it doesn’t matter if I am racing someone or just swimming for fun. I am on a swim team and at the end of the year we have one big swim meet, but before I tell you about my last swim meet I think it is important that you know a swim meet is when you go head to head with another swim team and you race a couple of people. Like I was saying my swim team has one big swim meet at the end of the year which means we race more than one team. This year I was in a relay race and I was swimming two laps Butterfly. A relay race is when there are four people and each person swims a different stroke and you work together to win your race. I was also swimming an individual event which is where you are swimming by yourself, while racing other people. In my individual event I was also swimming Butterfly. I got first in my heat. A heat is like a group and in swimming there are multiple heats, so in my heat or group I got first, but overall I got ninth out of sixteen.Make sure there is someone supervising you when swimming. Down below you will find a video on how to do the stroke Butterfly: