Final Maglev Design Reflection

You did it! You have used all that you’ve learned about magnets and being a transportation engineer in order to create a successful maglev train. You planned, created and improved upon a design that would safely and efficiently transport people, or…marbles!

For your final reflection please answer the following questions:

Paragraph #1 

Describe the final design including the improvements you made. Be specific!

  • Types of magnets
  • Placement of magnets
  • How did knowing the properties of magnets help you make successful choices?
    • Like magnetic poles repel
    • Opposite magnetic poles attract
    • To increase the magnetic field, increase the magnets

Paragraph #2

  • What did you do along the way that failed?
  • What did you learn from your failure?
  • What changes did you make because of your failure?


Paragraph #3

  • What did you learn about the Engineering Design Process (EDP)?
    • Ask–Imagine–Plan–Create–Improve–
  • What did you learn about working in a group?


Be sure to include a photograph from your design day #2 and if you would like, a Google Drawing of your final design.

Maglev Day 1

We have finished our first day of designing, planning and creating our Maglev Transportation System. Your group worked really hard to test out the design you developed to see if the train has safely and efficiently traveled along the track without any problems. In your Google Drive you will type up your Blog Post #1. This will be placed in your Science Folder in your Google Drive.

Here is the Blog Post Requirements:

Paragraph #1:

  • What is a maglev train and how does it work?
  • What was your group’s idea for the track and train?


Paragraph #2:

  • What did you do on Friday that worked?
  • What did you do on Friday that failed?


Paragraph #3:

  • How was your experience working with your group? (What was challenging and what worked well?) No Names Included


Be sure to check over your work in your Google Drive BEFORE you post it to your blog. Look for:

  • Proper capitalization and punctuation
  • Spelling and grammar
  • That you answered each question in FULL sentences
  • Your writing reflects your work throughout day 1 of the Planning and Creating stages of the Engineering and Design Process

What Makes Something Technology?

TECHNOLOGY: Something made by humans to make life easier or to solve a problem. 

We have been talking about what makes something technology. Is a tree technology? Does technology need to involve electricity or batteries?

On YOUR BLOG, please write a post that explains the object you looked at last week and inlcude:

  • What makes something technology?
  • What makes YOUR object technology?
    • What problem did YOUR object solve?
    • How did it make life better?
    • What did YOUR object improve on?

Your post should also include the photograph of your object found in the “Technology Photos” folder that is found in your drive in “Shared with me”.

Ruby the Copy Cat Thesis Ideas

After listening to the book, try to think of all the different theses you could use for your literary essays. Think about:

  • Character’s feelings
  • Character traits
  • The relationships between the characters
  • Changes in characters
  • What motivated a character
  • The lessons a character learns

Part 1:

Use this Padlet to record your responses. Use full sentences, correct capitalization and punctuation to write your ideas.

Part 2:

Use this Evidence Padlet to record the text evidence that will support your claims.

The Great Kindness Challenge

This week 3M and all of Heathcote participated in The Great Kindness Challenge. We spent our time both in school and out performing acts of kindness. Individuals tracked their acts on a checklist, as well as contributed to a whole class checklist. I am so proud of our class for all of the wonderful good deeds they did.

As a class, we watched several videos to enjoy and discuss. Want to see them again and share them with friends and family? Check them out below!

Mystery Read-Alouds

We are coming to the end of our mystery unit. You’ve done a great job listening, thinking and jotting about the:

  • crime solvers
  • suspects
  • clues
  • red herrings
  • favorite/surprising parts

I am wondering, which read aloud did you like better? Absent Author or The Diamond Mystery. Why? Make sure you write details to explain your answer.

Stone Fox’s Ending- Happy or Sad?

Stone Fox has a pretty emotional ending. Some people argue that it is a happy ending. He gets to save the farm! But some people argue that it not a happy ending. What do you think?

On the padlet link answer the following questions in sentence form. If you think both, then write in both columns 🙂

Stone Fox Ending Padlet

  • Is it a sad or happy ending?
  • Why do you think so?
  • Evidence from the text to support your thought.

Third Plants Blog Post

For your third blog post please tell me about the progress of your plant(s). Please answer in three paragraphs. (No need to go day by day. Just what changed since the last blog post.)

FYI- The photos were taken on Tuesday, May 30th.

  • Pollination: What did we do? What was the change in your plant after being pollinated?


  • General observations: Describe your plants now. Control and manipulated.
    • Height
    • Color
    • Stem
    • Leaves
    • Buds
    • Flowers
    • Pods


  • What do you think will happen next? Predictions for your plants. What will this week look like for your plants?


  • Include the pictures of your plant(s) in the “Blog #3”  Folder found in your shared with me section of Google Drive.