Technology #1

So far, in technology we have learned about the history of glue and adhesive. I found this lesson  very interesting, because I did not know that you can make glue yourself. I also did not know that glue was originally made out of bones of animals and it was used to help people from a really long time ago to help there pictures on there caves to stay longer. Later on people realized I can help to stick things together. Then glue was made out of milk then it was made out of dead horses and now it is made out of chemicals. I also learned that it is very important to read the back label of glue to see how it is properly supposed to be used and to see how long it takes to harden and completely dry.

One thought on “Technology #1

  1. Good stuff, Logan! Poor horses, getting turned into glue. I’m glad we don’t do that anymore. It is crazy to think that glue was invented 72,000 years ago! t’s one of our earliest technologies!

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