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Technology #6

This week and technology we have been learning about simple machines. Over the weekend it was memorial day so we have no project for this week. In my science class our last unit was working on simple machines as well so I don’t know a lot about simple machines already. Isn’t technology we are learning a lot about gears I think this is exciting because in science we did not learn about this so it’s something new. Summer think your work is confusing me but I think I will get the hang of it.

Technology #4

This week we have been working on this new website called Fab maker studio. I’m not very sure if I like it or not because it is confusing for me to work. This weeks assignment was to make something off of their website I decide to go simple and make a sphere. It wasn’t as simple as I thought it was going to be because I had to make it into a round shape this was a little bit hard for me. But in the end I got it are used hot glue to glue all the edges together.

Technology #3

This week we have started a new project. We were asked to build A 3-D cube out of toothpicks and some sort of sticky stuff to attach it or paper and tape I didn’t have to cook so I use paper and tape. This is a cool project to make and it did not take very long but it was a little bit confusing at first to wrap all of the papers of tape.

Technology #2

Recently, I tech we have been learning about I-beams and different kinds of Materials. This weeks project was to build our own I-beam a normal beaming out of cardboard, Then to test them to see which is the strongest. I just made my beam and we had to make us out of six pieces of cardboard Inch wide and 12 inches long.Inch wide and 12 inches long. It was super fun making them because you got to get creative and cut all the pieces. I thought it was a great project. Overall I’ve learned so much about I-beams and different kinds of materials.

Technology #1

So far, in technology we have learned about the history of glue and adhesive. I found this lesson  very interesting, because I did not know that you can make glue yourself. I also did not know that glue was originally made out of bones of animals and it was used to help people from a really long time ago to help there pictures on there caves to stay longer. Later on people realized I can help to stick things together. Then glue was made out of milk then it was made out of dead horses and now it is made out of chemicals. I also learned that it is very important to read the back label of glue to see how it is properly supposed to be used and to see how long it takes to harden and completely dry.

Passion project #4

Today, I did my final attempt for my cake.  It turned out very nice. I decided to use five, six inch pans instead of the two, nine inch pans I used last time.  I liked the smaller pans so much better. This  made the cake taller. That made it much easier to decorate the cake. This gave more room for each color.  This time it was also easier because I had more experience from the first time that I made the cake.

Here is what the cake looked like