My Initial Thoughts

Now that I have my own blog I have to check over my work very carefully because the whole world can see my blog and posts. I feel a nervous because now that the whole world can see my blog if I make a mistake the whole world can see my mistake. I feel a little excited because I have my very own website that is free to the whole world. Now that we have our own blog we can post an idea and the whole world can comment on my idea. I like how we can save our draft and preview our draft to see what it looks like. Now, if we write a book report and somebody else has read the same book and they disagree with your idea, they can post their idea and you might change your idea. Also if I have a idea and somebody else doesn’t agree with my idea they can try to change my idea or I can try to change their idea to agree with my idea. If your friends post a blog and they agree with your idea but have a different way of saying it they can explain why they wrote it that way.

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