Book Clubs: Donuthead – Jot 2

I think that Franklin is Jealous of the relationship Sarah has with Franklin’s mom. I think this because he is always seems to to be complaining that Sarah and his mom are leaving him out so I think he is Jealous of their relationship, but won’t admit it. I think that Franklin is feels like no one is really accepting him and that is why he is so Jealous of their relationship. I also think that Franklin wants a lot of attention and he is not getting attention from his mom or Sarah and he is getting jealous of their relationship.I think that Sarah and Franklin’s mom are just trying to ignore him. 

Book Clubs: Donuthead – Jot 1

I think that Franklin might want a father because he thinks that his father can solve his social issues. I think that in Franklin’s mind having a father can make everything better, but I think he will soon learn that he can’t run away from his problems and if Franklin gets a father I don’t think he will approve because he plays it safe. In Donuthead it seems so important that Franklin has a father and it seems that maybe just maybe Franklin want a father for social reasons. I think this because it seems like all he wants is someone to protect him and he thinks that if he had a father he could protect him from bullies.

Writing Long and Strong on Jots – Character

I think that Delilah is helpful because she is helping the Baker boys by looking through books. I also think that she might be doing it so she has some friends before the school year starts and to get the boys to not hate the idea of Josie the cat liking her better than them. I think that the boys will learn to like Delilah later because she finds ways to get around problems. I think that Delilah doesn’t think that the boys are telling the truth, but she just wants them to like her. I think the boys don’t like her, but the boys mom wants them to be nice to Delilah. I wonder if the boys are using Delilah to help them. I also wonder if Delilah likes being around the boys.

Welcome to 2016-2017!

It’s a brand new school year the! I’m so excited to be back and learn new things. It feels like it is the first day. I can’t belive I have alredy done so much! I am very nervous, but I get this feeling every year. I am going to try my very best in everything I do and not just give up after one try. I am going to be focused this year. I am still feel new to the blog, but it takes time to get used to things. I am going to do my work first this year.

Almost summary

Dinosaur bonesIn the book “Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones” Cam’s class goes on a trip to a museum.  Cam remembers that when she read a book about dinosaurs, that this particular dinosaur had three more bones than the dinosaur skeleton had at the museum. When Cam pointed it out to the guide that lead her class from room to room she said “There’s nothing missing on this dinosaur.” In the book it said that she said it quickly. I think that the guide knows that the bones are missing and is covering something up. The guide announced that the tour is done. Cam’s teacher Ms.Benson  told everyone that they could walk around the museum. Cam’s friend Eric told Cam that he wanted to go to the gift shop. Eric got two dog whistles.  He didn’t know that they were dog whistles.  He found out because Cam told him. He also got a postcard with a picture of  the dinosaur that Cam thought had three bones missing.  Cam took the postcard from Eric and she saw that the picture had three more bones than the actual dinosaur skeleton. Do you think that the guide knows something? Cam and Eric tried to hide in the museum to see if who was stealing the bones, but they got caught and had to leave the museum. They saw a milk truck that said “Beth’s Milk” in the beginning Eric was drinking milk and it said that it was “Edna’s milk.” When the milk driver came out of the museum he was carrying a brown bag. What do you think is in the brown bag? These books are written by

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My initial thoughts…

heathcote schoolI am really nervous to have my own blog. I don’t know what it is like, but I am really excited to learn all about it. I am getting used to the idea. I was a little nervous at first, but I think that I will enjoy having one!

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