Passion project day#8

We are still trying to figure out what to do with those two questions in tsetse fly. I also memerized how to spell tsetse fly because I had to write it so much times. I said to myself “All you have to memerize is tse two times. I accomplished tsetse fly #2. I also made transitions for the tsetse fly #2 slide. Marcello also made all of the transitions fade in and I have no idea at all why he changed all of the zoom in and come in from right and come in from left. I wanted to add some humor into it but marcello said this is no place for humor and he was being very serious. In school, I asked marcello to work on it right after school with me and he said he has to do some kind of live stream on his youtube channel so I was dissapointed about that. I learned that tsetse flies only live in africa and that is the only place to be catious. I almost forgot to do my blog, and for a second I thought I forgot to do it for yesterday(day 7). Tommorow I hope to figure out the answers to the question even though I think I will not figure the question out.

Passion Project day#7

Today I got half of the Tsetse fly slide done. We have a slide where it says our guiding research questions. Today in school, we asked Ms. Boyer if we should include our slide with our guiding research questions and Ms. Boyer said yes. For homework, I figured out that there is an question that neither me or Marcello could find the answer to. The question is”What to do if a Tsetse Fly approaches you. Also I added a link and an qr code. I learned how to make one. I made it by going on google and getting an Qr code generator. Tomorrow, I hope to get the tsetse fly done.

Passion Project#5

Today I accomplished the whole of the snake category. I also polished some of the slides and added some transitions to them. There is a question that I have been researching alot and I cannot find the answer anywhere. The question is “How often do snakes attack humans in the US”? I asked Marcello to help me find the answer to the question and we found it together. Today I learned that snakes kill about 6 people a year. Tomorrow I plan to keep polishing.

Passion project Day#4

Today I accomplished half of the snake category. I worked for 40 min. learned that if you are cornering a snake than clear a path for it because you do not wan’t to get in the snakes way. Also, DO NOT THREATEN THE SNAKE, snakes will attack you!!! Tomorrow, I hope to get 3 quarters done.

Passion Project day #3

Today I accomplished all of my organization in the shark slide. I also splitted information into two slides. I added  pictures so there isn’t only writing. I continued the snake slide. I learned that If the snake is fat and has a fat head, that means that it is poisonous. If it is skinny, then it is completely harmless. Tommorow I plan to get three quarters done of the snake.   

Passion project day #2

Today I accomplished the whole shark category and started snake category. I learned that sharks kill approximately 10 people a year. I also learned all of these facts about sharks.

What to do if they attack you

How often do they attack you

Kills against humans

Where they live

Where we should be careful


Tomorrow I plan to continue the snake category

Passion Project

A Passion Project is where you pick something that you are very passionate about and you take it to the next level. I am studying different types of animals In this project I accomplished a slide and I added transions to each slide we had so far. I learned that sharks are not always dangerous and that they can be safe in some cases. My plan for tomorrow is to answer these questions for sharks:

What to do if they attack you?

How often do sharks attack you

How many peaple did sharks kill?

Where do sharks live?

Where we should be careful for sharks?


Then I would add some answers to the 4th slide.

Salva southern Sudan blog post

In class, we started to read a Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park and we are talking about LEADERSHIP!!! Some qualities of effective leaderships are bravery, determination, persistence, and confidence. A leader needs these qualities because they are the head of the group and they make all the decisions. Salva demonstrates these qualities by wanting everyone to look for his family and wanting himself to look also and he is not giving up. This shows that he is determined because he is not going to give up. Salva’s philosophy might help me in my life by setting an example of his bravery and persistence and reminding me of the fact that my problems might not be so terrible after all. Perseverance is important because if he gave up right away when he failed, he would not be able to survive or find his family. You could better develop the ability to persevere by practicing to be a good leader and by gaining more confidence in yourself.Image result for emoji determination

Stop Motion #2

Today was our second day of immigration stop motion video taking. We had so much success in our try today. We got to make our stop motion say TRANSPORTATION and then everything would get crumpled. Then it would say IN IMMIGRATION and the the letters would go into a pile. Then Finally, It would resort the pile and say by ALEX MAX AND HARRY. I am really looking forward to doing it again. This is a very good stop motion video I pulled up from youtube…