Homework is bad

Imagen after a long day of school when you open your bag and see piles and piles of homework. You’re stressing about having enough time to do it and worry about not finishing it and getting in trouble.  This is a problem that happens almost every day. Schools shouldn’t have homework because it causes stress kids might not have enough time and it’s our time after school.

Schools should not give out homework. It causes stress. For example kids from k-12, you spend five hours of homework per week. But recent studies shown that grades  8-12 spend 10 hours a week on homework. Also, some kids worry about getting their homework done and they overdo it which causes then to get a bad grade because they are rushing.

Schools should not give out homework. Kids may not have the time and then will have to make up for it even though it wasn’t there falt. For example, I have basketball four times a week which gives me one day to do my homework. I spend at least two hours doing it per day. Also, Eshal and I’s siblings spend rounded to ten hours a week sometimes more on homework.

Schools should not give out homework. At the end of the day, school is over and it’s our time. Schools should not control what we do after school. We are already learning for 5 hours at school. We don’t need an added 10 hours at home. Also, we have homework for every subject its hard to change subjects because all of our focus was on the other one.


The  Chicken Dance

By Morgan

Chickens chickens everywhere            

Dancing like they saw a bear

All the chickens want to do is play

I finally said it “ Chickens go away!”

One by one they left the place

With a “ We want to dance” kind of face             

Fine you can come back I said

Then they all jump on my head!

Chickens chickens everywhere

Dancing like they saw a bear

Endangered Animals

Endangered animals is what I chose for my passion project. I chose this issue because I’m really passionate about it and I’m interested to learn about what people do to our animals. Yes, I love studying this topic but it is really hard for me because all these new facts I’m learning about what is happening to our animals is depressing. It took me a long time to decide if I was doing this my my passion project. I wasnt sure if I was ready to learn all these sad things. When I was at my house I was waching an endangered animal video and I was so sad and mad that I almost slammed my books where I was recording jots on the floor! The main reason why I chose animal abuse for my passion project is because I want to get people’s attention about how bad we are treating our animals. I am REALLY passionate about this we need to start taking this more serious about abusing our animals!