Working On My Final Project – Capstone blog post 6

The last thing I have to do before our final presentation is make our final project is make a slideshow for final project. This was a very long and hard experience. I had to make a script and a slideshow. I am going to explain my experience of doing this.

First I had to make a script. I created a table and started writing. At first, i didn’t know where to start. I just wrote, “Hello, my name is Matthew and I will be talking about my Capstone project.” I had know idea what else to write. I was really nervous, but before I knew it I had five slides done. After I did this I went back to my slideshow and did the slide for each one of these. I kept on working and then, a few days later I had my whole script done. When I had my whole script done I was so relieved I was almost done with my whole project. I just had to finish off the slides and then edit them when this was done I was ready to move on the practicing. practicing was really hard I thought I would never memorize all of my lines, but, after a lot of practicing over and over again I had my whole script memorized and was ready for the parents.

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