Technology Post #7

Today I went around my house to collect different materials. Some of the materials that I saw were cardboard, pencils, logs, paper, eraser, screwdriver. I bet if I used all of these things I could build something cool. It was also fun to go around my house because it gave me something to do and […]

Technology Post #6

Hi! I would just like to talk a little bit about how I have been feeing with the Corona Virus. I feel like its scary knowing that anyone could get sick if there not careful, and some people aren’t taking it seriously. We need to social distance if we want to go back to school, […]

Technology Post #5

A LOT of stuff has been happening lately. For example, we have to stay home for so long. It getting pretty boring. Also, we have to do E- Learning. The E- Learning isn’t much of a difference from usual times because we usually use iPads and use Schoology anyways. The problem is that EVERYONE is […]

Technology Post #4

Since we aren’t in school, I have been doing E- learning. And for my technology class, I have learned about types of wood and the parts of the tree. These things were very interesting. In my house, I found an old stump of a tree and I was able to see the lines and how […]