Eight Keys

I think that one of the mystery’s in the book is that Elise needs to find all seven other keys. That’s not all. The other part of it is that Elise needs to find what’s on the other sides of the doors. I don’t think that Franklin will be involved with this. I think that because the mystery has already started and Franklin hasn’t been told about it yet. What I also think is good is that Elise has a mystery to solve and that will keep her mind off of school. But that is also bad because she won’t get most of her homework done. I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

Eight Keys

Elise is having a hard time in her life. She is just starting middle school and in the first twenty minutes she already gets embarrassed. She get’s embarrassed by having scabs all over her legs, an example from page 9 is, “Oh, gag. I have to share with the Bloody Queen of Scabs” this is what a mean girl in school said when she found out that she has to share a locker with Elise. I think it was really hard for Elise because after the girl said that Franklin came over and said she got all the scabs while playing pretend Knights.

Book Clubs: Crazy Lady – Jot 2

In the book “Crazy Lady” Vernon (the main character) has become very close with Ronald. For example, he was there when Ronald was trying to say dog. Another example is, Vernon volunteered to do the Special Olympics with Ronald. One other thing is that, Vernon got really angry because Maxine decided to send Ronald to live with his aunt and uncle in North Carolina. I think that Vernon really cares for Ronald.

Book Clubs: Crazy Lady – Jot 1

In the book Crazy Lady, Vernon’s mom had died. It had been really hard for him since then because she was the one who actually made him feel good about himself. Vernon wasn’t very good in school. Even though he barely passed third grade, his mom never blamed him. His mom would make┬áhim feel special. When his mom died, the special feeling started to fade away slowly. Since his dad knew how hard it was for him, he would try to be like the mom, kind, and never shouts. But Vernon never thought that it was the same.