Nerdy Derby

Today in class we did an activity that was called Nerdy Derby. The activity was when we got to make our own little cars and race them. I did mine with my best friend Samantha and we made ours very pretty. We called it the Color Convertible because we covered it in rainbow order pom […]


In science we are studying all about pollution and the importance of clean water all around the world. So, we made groups and each group is supposed to design a filter that can make the water a lot cleaner. Everyone in the class started off with trying out three different materials that can filter the […]

First Rocket Launch

When I was launching I used a trundle wheel to measure where we should read the clinometers. I had to walk fifty meters out from where the launch pad was in the field. The launchpad used a pump for the fuel. We had to put two hundred and twenty milliliters. All the fuel we actually […]

Rocketry – Building

  When my group built our rocket we started off with getting a one liter bottle. When we got the bottle this is what we did! Sanding With our bottle we put lines on with a sharpie where we would hot glue the wings on, and with the lines we sanded it so the hot […]

Info graphics

This year in science we have done info graphics on ┬áIsaac Newton. In the process we had to first do all the research on him that we could, and then we had to do a prototype about him. At this phase we are making another prototype on google drawing. A info graphic is a combination […]


This year in science we are building rockets. My groups name is The Rocketeers. We get to build with bottles and other materials. My group is using Styrofoam for our wings and covering it in duck tape.   What am I Proud Of? I am proud of designing a very cool looking rocket. I am […]