Immigration Project Part Four

In school we finally finished the stop motion animation project. My group and I worked really hard on it to complete it. After finishing the filming we imported it to imovie. Then we added cool sound effects which really makes it more interesting. Then we made the voice overs which sounded really cool when attaching it to the stop motion part. After making the imovie we watched it and it was good but we needed a little fixing.

We fixed the timing of most things and then it sounded perfect. I think that we finished first because the actual movement in the stop motion was pretty simple because all they did is walk in, walk out and in and also they walked back and forth. We also had a pretty simple audio because it was just one letter and we all had our assigned parts. Also, our group at times worked really well together and got things done quickly. Overall, I think that our project was really great and that my group and I worked really hard on it.

A Long Walk To Water

In class, my teacher is reading a book to us called a Long Walk To Water. The theme of this book to me is survival. Survival can include so many different things. For example, not having food and having to hunt for it also he had to search places for food. Also, it could mean not having a home. That could mean that you have nowhere to stay, and you have to sleep outdoors which could be very dangerous.

In this book there are a lot of signs of leadership. For example in the boy Salva’s tribe there is a leader. The leader had bravery to be leading an entire tribe to keep them safe from the war. A leader also needs determination to lead his tribe. The last reason what a leader needs is intelligence. They need intelligence because if people fighting in the war were going to shoot them, it would be smart if the leader carried weapons to protect his tribe. Salva (the main character) is a leader in all of those ways. He is brave because he got separated from his family and was left all alone and he was brave enough to stand up and protect himself by walking with another group of people to a safe place. He has determination because he will do anything to find his family and that proves his determination. The last thing he has is intelligence. Because to go with all the people in his group it might lead him right to his family.

Salva’s philosophy would inspire me in life because he doesn’t look at things like they are always a bad thing, he takes them step by step until he gets where he needs to be. In life that makes me look at things as simple as a basketball game, so I take it step by step until I have done all I can do. It really helps me to reach my goals in life in easier ways. In this story perseverance is one of the most important things to look at. Perseverance is important in this story because everything is very difficult and if Salva did have perseverance, then he wouldn’t have gotten to a refugee camp, and he would be stuck in the middle of no where. Ways that I would persevere is I would try to be very patient. I would also always be looking on the bright side of things. The last reason how I persevere would be that I would always try to stay confident until I reach my goal.

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Immigration Project Part Three

Today we actually started filming. We didn’t have many problems at all. We started by taking pictures of the characters walking in and then they sat down on the bench. The next thing that happens is the panels come in. We used pictures related to the letter and printed them out and used Popsicle sticks on the back to slide them in and out. It all worked really well.

Immigration Project Part Two

The second day we worked on filming it was very difficult. While doing it we had realized that there was no movement and it is a stopĀ motion movie. So we had to delete all the photos and start over. Also, we had to add skewers to the back of the characters so they could walk in the parts we needed them to walk. Those were the only hard parts of the movie we had today.

Immigration Project Part One

Today was a learning experience for my group because we had lots of struggles. One of biggest struggles was finding a place to put the camera. Each spot we put it at had something wrong with it. Finally, after long discussions we figured out that we needed paper on each side of the pizza box because you could see the tiles and the wall we leaned the box up against. Another one of our struggles was that our characters wouldn’t stay up while sitting up on the bench. While trying lots of ideas we found that we could use a cap of a highlighter and tape it to the character and also tape it to the bench. Those were two of our biggest struggles that my group and I had.